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Agribusiness Booster is the ‘co-entrepreneur’ par excellence. Our innovative approach is characterised by knowledge of the local context and relevant business models, linking with our networks and market players, and use of financial resources. 

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Agribusiness Booster (AbB) is the ‘co-entrepreneur’ par excellence. By rolling up our sleeves together, and sharing risks, costs and revenues, we help you start or expand your agribusiness in emerging markets.

What is the Agribusiness Booster?

The agribusiness and food industry are large growth sectors in the world economy. Because of the strong growth of the world population, efficient development and effective opening up of the huge untapped potential for food production of developing countries is of great importance. We therefore signal a strong growth of market demand in most countries we work in. Local markets can be very substantial, think for instance of the population numbers of India (1.2 billion), Bangladesh (163 million), Ethiopia (93 million) or Madagascar (22 million). That is why local markets in developing countries are the most important and most logical places to address issues concerning food security and good nutrition.

We regard small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets as one of the most important motors of the local economy. That is why local producers, traders and exporters that have a strong connection with smallholder farmers are supported in a variety of ways to fulfil their growth potential.Local value creation and local value capture. Together with the entrepreneur a strategic plan is developed and actions are undertaken to professionalise the business and to prepare it for a growth spurt, or in other words, a substantial Boost! The support a business receives, varies from for instance strengthening of the management team to development of a marketing plan and from enhancing the network of farmers to implementation of new accounting software. Apart from this, we provide knowledge of the agri and food sectors, open up a worldwide network at the local level and invest capital. By playing an active role in the business in this way and by carrying a shared responsibility, we fulfil our role as ‘co-entrepreneur’.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to build a portfolio that consists of a minimum of 90 successful businesses with an invested capital of € 10 million. Successful means that (partly) due to our investment, a business triples in value while also creating substantial impact. This way we aim to improve local food production and distribution, the quality of food and the economic position of at least 100,000 farmers. In addition, we aim to create at least 4,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs through these investments.

For international buyers, large volumes and constant, high quality are often important. Our approach improves those aspects. Therefore, after local and regional markets, possibly even national and international markets can be served. An example of a company in which we serve new market segments with improved local production, is EcoAgribusiness Limited in Kenya.

With the active involvement we offer, we create value in the businesses aiming to make them ‘investment-ready’. This will qualify them for new investments and new growth cycles.

Our team

Jaap Jan Verboom is the Director Agribusiness Booster. He has extensive experience in development of new initiatives and business worldwide, including iMPACT Booster. He worked for over eight years for ICCO in Africa, including as regional manager for Central and East Africa. Jaap Jan started his career as an entrepreneur in the IT business, which included business activities in Africa and Asia. His team comprises the right combination of knowledge and expertise in the agri and food sectors, food security, business acceleration, business development, impact investing, SMEs, etcetera. The team consists among others of a controller, a deal structuring expert, investment managers and a senior advisor.

In the different regions Agribusiness Booster operates in, we cooperate with own local staff, consisting of six business development managers and a network of over 30 business acceleration experts trained and certified in the Agribusiness Booster methodology.

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