iMPACT Booster

iMPACT Booster helps businesses enter emerging economies to counter the shortage in our global food production.

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The iMPACT Booster invites the best entrepreneurs to bring out the most disruptive innovations to radically improve the agricultural sector and food security in emerging economies. In a five-month program the best ideas are validated, up-scaled and implemented towards a successful company. The first round ended on a Demo Day that took place on 30th of June 2016. In January 2017 a new accelerator round will be launched. Keep up to date through the website, social media or newsletter. 

iMPACT Booster is a pact between ICCO Cooperation, New World Campus, Woord & Daad, 1%Club, Wild Geese and Nyenrode. We connect impact capital and impact ideas to make an impact in emerging economies.