Truvalu is a company of ICCO Cooperation and the ‘co-entrepreneur’ par excellence. Its approach is characterised by knowledge of the local context and relevant business models, linking with our networks and market players, and use of financial resources. 

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Logo Truvalu Group

In realizing our strategy ICCO Cooperation has established companies that offer tailor-made finance and specialized expertise to SMEs. One of them is Truvalu. Truvalu develops fair and inclusive agrifood chains, by co-entrepreneuring with innovative and scalable SMEs in upcoming emerging markets.

Truvalu partners with the entrepreneur through different stages of the companies’ lifecycle to support them through the pioneering gap and offer them (equity) financing, business development services and access to markets and networks. Truvalu and its partners form an ecosystem to support agribusinesses from startups to scale-ups.

Truvalu has four  subsidiaries:

  1. Truvalu.startups
  3. Truvalu.brands 

ICCO Cooperation is shareholder, investor and execution partner of Truvalu.

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