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Agribusiness Booster

The Agribusiness Booster is an innovative instrument that works with pre-growth agri-SMEs in developing countries. The Agribusiness Booster B.V. is a joint social enterprise of ICCO Cooperation and  Woord en Daad. SCOPEinsight and CREAME are strategic partners.

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For investors, funds and institutional donors

The basic principle for the development of the Agribusiness Booster business model is financial sustainability. Despite the investment of risk capital, the significant foreign currency risks and the active role we play in our target companies, we expect to break even. We believe this is an innovative and unique proposition, especially considering the fact that we allow many business to grow substantially, address food and nutrition issues, and improve the economic position of large numbers of smallholder farmers. We request (social) investors, funds and institutional donors to participate in the fund.

For Dutch entrepreneurs

The Agribusiness Booster is also open to Dutch companies that wish to start an enterprise in an emerging market themselves or start co-operation with businesses or producers’ organisations in developing countries. The Agribusiness Booster brings them together. The basis is a business case (enriched) with social aspects leading to improvement of the lives and position of smallholder farmers. In such an enterprise we supply knowledge and capital and take care of its exchange. An important aspect of ICCO’s added value in the Agribusiness Booster is our knowledge of the local context. We note a substantial need for this in the business community. We develop the competencies of all parties involved through transfer of knowledge, coaching, business development and marketing. These activities are supplied by the Agribusiness Booster as an in kind participation in the enterprise and paid for from the company’s future returns. In the Agribusiness Booster you may even find a risk-bearing partner. The Agribusiness Booster is the ideal co-entrepreneur for agribusinesses in The Netherlands and businesses in developing countries.


More information?

Please contact Jaap Jan Verboom, director AgriBusiness Booster.