Donors and Co-financiers

National Postcode Lottery

Since 2008, ICCO has been a beneficiary of the  National Postcode Lottery. Each year, ICCO receives an amount of 1,350,000 euro from the Lottery.

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This institutional support of the Lottery is un-earmarked and long-term. Their contribution enables ICCO to invest in innovations and entrepreneurial activities. This makes the Lottery a valuable and trustworthy partner for ICCO, allowing us to continue to search for innovative ways of working towards a world without poverty and injustice.

The National Postcode Lottery was founded in 1989 with the ambition to contribute to a fair and green world. This is done by giving publicity to the work of charity organizations and by raising funds for their work. Fifty percent of the profit of each ticket they sell  goes to 89 organizations, who work for people and planet in the Netherlands and abroad. Since its start, the Lottery has become the largest private fundraiser of the Netherlands. Worldwide, the Holding of the Postcode Lotteries is the third largest private donor. In 2015 a record amount of  328 million euros was paid out to charity organizations