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Cooking together for a healthy future. Manq’a has developed four investment packages.

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Cooking together for a healthy future

Manq’a is a young social enterprise that tackles three issues:

  • 1. Opening up markets for poor farmers
  • 2.Training cooks and creating job opportunities for young people in urban areas
  • 3. Making healthy food accessible to urban dwellers of limited means

Manq’a started in 2013 in Bolivia. ICCO Cooperation and ‘Melting Pot Bolivia' brought together producers, food processors and consumers to train 3,000 disadvantaged young people as chefs, using only local, organic ingredients. The project was able to grow fast thanks to funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery in 2013. Since then Manq’a has spread to the rest of Latin America. In 2015 a new Manq’a School of Gastronomy opened in the Colombian capital Bogot√°. The ambition is to have Manq’a enterprises like the one in Bolivia up and running in 11 Latin American countries by 2020. A total of 17,000 young people will have trained at one of 36 schools of gastronomy, and started their own business or work in the food sector. Twenty-two of the schools will also run their own restaurant.

Our offer

Manq’a has developed four investment packages:

  • 1- Sustainable cookery schools
  • 2- Training for new entrepreneurs
  • 3- Starting up a business and
  • 4- Healthy food’ campaign for consumers


If you want to know more, get in touch with  Conny Toornstra, manager ICCO Latin America.


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