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ICCO has developed a program to improve the position of Bengali women. The program invests in producer, business and market development. 


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Unlocking the power of women

Poverty is widespread in Bangladesh, and especially among rural women. They have few opportunities to improve their economic situation or to earn a decent living for their family; they are often confined to the home, have little schooling and no job, and are paid less than men.

ICCO has developed a program to improve the position of Bengali women. The potential is there, especially in local food processing industries. If women can improve their economic position, they gain more influence, and their families and society benefit.

MUKTO uses an integrated approach, consisting of:

  • Training women in food processing
  • Creating more jobs in small food-processing companies
  • Product innovation and quality improvement
  • Distribution of products to those with the least purchasing power (Base of the Pyramid)  

The program invests in producer, business and market development.
MUKTO works together with Unilever and two Bengali companies, PRAN and RFL.

Our offer

The MUKTO program has developed four investment packages:

  • 1. MUKTO model: Work experience places for 10,800 women and 8,100 new jobs 
  • 2. Local entrepreneurship: Developing business plans for students 
  • 3. Market development: Marketing and distribution of food products
  • 4. Entrepreneurship: Certification and value creation of SMEs 



    Cooking together for a healthy future. Manq’a has developed four investment packages.



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