Albert Heijn Foundation

Albert Heijn is the largest Dutch supermarket and Dutch market leader in fruit and vegetables.

Logo Albert Heijn FoundationAlbert Heijn has a wide assortment of high-quality fruit and vegetables throughout the year, mostly from Africa. The suppliers of AH employ hundreds of workers, who support thousands of relatives.

Improve living circumstances and prospects

Albert Heijn wants not only to be a more sustainable supermarket and help suppliers to improve the quality of their products, it also wants to improve the living circumstances and prospects of the employees of its suppliers and their families. Therefore In 2017 the AH Foundation was created. The Foundation works in partnership with ICCO Cooperation.  

The capital of the AH Foundation comes from the revenues of Albert Heijn and of the suppliers participating in the Foundation. This is invested in education, housing, and healthcare projects. Local representative bodies composed of workers and managers present project proposals to the AH Foundation.

ICCO’s role

Albert Heijn requests ICCO to do the assessment of project proposals and bring them to the board for decision-making. After approval ICCO is responsible for the contracting, fund transfer, and monitoring of the implementation and gives strategic advice where needed.  

ICCO looks at the following project criteria:

1- Does the project fit into the overall goals of the AH Foundation, the budget etc.
2- Can the results be achieved with the proposed activities, budget, capacity for implementation etc.?
3- What is the impact for the community, the production of the supplier, and the continuity of supplies for AH.
4- Will the project still function once the AH Foundation has poured out after a year?

The Foundation invests in 7 African countries. In 2016 ,an impact measuring pilot started to monitor structural changes of the projects. One example is the construction of public toilets in Ghana. As a results, cholera was banned, school absenteeism drastically reduced and school results improved.

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