Per 1 January 2021, ICCO is part of Cordaid. Our work towards a world without poverty and injustice will continue as one organization, under the name of Cordaid.

Who we are

Per 1 January 2021, ICCO is part of Cordaid. Our work will continue as one organization, under the name of Cordaid.

Cordaid is an international emergency relief and development organisation. We believe in a world where people can break through barriers of poverty and exclusion. We support local communities in their efforts to improve healthcare, food security, education, security and justice. Where disasters strike, we offer humanitarian assistance.

The Christian values of human dignity, justice, and compassion guide us in our work.

How we work

Half of the world’s population is employed in the agricultural sector, with 75% of all farmers estimated to be living in poverty. Over 800 million people suffer hunger, two billion experience micronutrients deficiencies.

Sustainable agricultural systems

Current systems of agricultural production are neither sustainable nor sufficiently efficient to ensure food and nutrition security for present and future generations. ICCO strives to put value chains in place to grow, harvest, store, process, pack, transport, market and consume food, as well as to dispose food waste.

We trigger positive changes in markets to transform agricultural systems. Markets that are inclusive, and accessible for smallholders farmers, agripreneurs and small businesses, as well as environmentally and financially sustainable. We want to ensure the viability of small-farm and business economies as a contribution to the fight against poverty and undernourishment.

How we stand out

This systemic change demands for a long breath and a multi-stakeholder approach. We adopt inclusive social change, and enhance a business-oriented way of working.

Key points in our strategy are:

  • Targeting small and medium enterprises
  • Focus on women
  • Fulfillment of different roles: developer, implementer, advocate
  • Use of digital technologies to underpin impact
  • Application of a tailored mix of financial instruments
  • Cooperation in public-private partnerships
  • Understanding the impact of religion on development

Program interventions

In concrete our program interventions focus on:

  • Farmer training
  • Access to agricultural inputs
  • Access to finance
  • Access to technology
  • Access to markets
  • Business and human rights
  • Collective marketing

What we do

As part of Cordaid, ICCO contributes to strengthen sustainable agricultural systems to 3 interlinked goals.

Food and Nutrition Security1. Food and nutrition security

We strengthen the capacities of individual households to produce sufficient food, while also earning an income from farming.


2. Economic empowerment

We support poor farmers and producer organizations to seize economic opportunities to improve and sustain farmers’ livelihoods.


3. Emergency response

We create resilient communities that are adequately prepared for, and can effectively respond to disasters.



Because of the integration with Cordaid, the ICCO organization is now part of Cordaid as of on 1 January 2021. A new Board of Directors and Supervisory Board have been formed. Go here to the organization page of Cordaid.

Fair & Sustainable Consulting and FairClimateFund, the companies under the ICCO Group B.V., have been transferred to Cordaid. Cordaid is now the sole shareholder of the ICCO Group:



FairClimateFund: provides poor households access to clean cooking by selling carbon credits

Fair & Sustainable Consulting: offers services in development cooperation

logo Capital4Development

Capital 4 Development Partners: invests in SMEs that create impact.

Our story

Originally, the meaning of the acronym ICCO is Interkerkelijk Coördinatie Commissie Ontwikkelingshulp (= Interchurch Coordination Committee Development Aid). Nowadays ICCO is a name in itself.

The founder of ICCO was Jo Verkuyl. He worked as a missionary preacher in Indonesia, a man with an unconventional approach to aid in developing countries. As one of the very few in his time, Verkuyl believed that development work should be focused on the needs of the poor. He was convinced that all changes start at community level.

Compassion, justice and stewardship: these were the three values on which founding Verkuyl, protestant churches and Dutch civil society organizations established ICCO in 1964 on December 30th. These values guide us to this day.

Timeline ICCO: History at a glance

Timeline ICCO 1965 - 2020

As of 1st January 2021 ICCO has joined forces with Cordaid and continues as one organization under the name Cordaid.

ICCO’s international website will remain online for the time being and can be visited here or go to Cordaid: www.cordaid.org