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    ICCO Alliance reports

    Between 2011 - 2015 ICCO Alliance was the name of the coalition that was one of the preferred partners of the Dutch government under the so-called MFSII framework. ICCO Cooperation was part of the alliance and was also the secretary. Below you will find the progress and evaluation reports. 

    ICCO was one of the 19 MFSII coalitions (and 64 Dutch ngo's) that was evaluated in the external MFSII evaluation. Watch all MFSII evaluation reports
    Partos, the Dutch association of ngo's working in International Development, has shared lessons through publications webinars and the seminar 'Learning for the future'. See also the poster 'Influencing for learning', co-developed with ICCO and presented during the conference of the European Evaluations Society (2016). 


    ICCO Alliance Progress Report 2014

    ICCO Alliance Annual Plan 2013

    ICCO Alliance Progress Report 2013

    ICCO Alliance Progress Report 2012

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