Uganda is recovering from a 23-year-old war. Since the peace talks in 2006 between the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government there is relative stability in the North.

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  • 51% live below the poverty line
  • 4.4 million people are food insecure
  • 38 million inhabitants

General Information

But truly understanding the consequences of this conflict and the trauma it has caused the country’s northern region is only beginning. Tens of thousands civilians were killed and children abducted. From around 1.8 million internally displaced people 1.4 returned to their places of origins in recent years, but still they are in need of protection and assistance. While the GDP is growing with an estimated 5.2 percent, still 51 percent of the Ugandans are living below the poverty line. 4,4 milion people are food insecure, most of them living in the North and the North East of Uganda. The expected population growth from 30.7 to 38 million in 2015 will put a further stress on access to basic services like water and sanitation and natural recourses. While in Uganda most of the policies, laws and democratic institutions are in place, the enforcement of laws and the implementation of policies seriously lack behind.  Corruption and ineffective public institutions are undermining good governance.

Advocacy note: INGOs Calling for Continuation of Assistance to Refugees in Uganda (pdf) 

Themes in Uganda

We want to connect people at grassroots especially with support of inter-religious leaders to build harmonious communities that boost farm production. To do this there are inevitable linkages between our programs:

  • Food Nutrition & Security
  • Conflict transformation and Democratisation
  • Fair Climate
  • Water, Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Basic Health and HIV
  • Education


Resolving conflict to unlock economic potential
In Uganda we focus our activities on rural communities in the North and the North East of Uganda, who are among the poorest and most conflict affected regions. We see resolving the cause of conflicts and peace building as an avenue to unlock the economic potential of the marginalized regions.  Through our partner organisations we support former Internally Displaced People who returned to their communities to build up their lives. In total we target almost 20.000 households with the aim to increase food security and improve agricultural production and marketing. But also we help other marginalised groups such as orphans and other vulnerable children, people living with HIV/AIDS and women through increasing access to basic health services and education and by improving the quality of these services. To stimulate economic development we support Small and Medium enterprises and farmer organisations.

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