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El Salvador

  • Villa Fontana Sur
Del Club Terraza 2 c. al Oeste, 2 c. al Sur y 1⁄2 c. al Oeste. #150 Managua, Nicaragua

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ICCO in El Salvador

El Salvador has one of the highest rate of gender violence in the world. It is estimated that gender violence is present in at least 50% of homicides against women, which constitute an extreme form of gender violence against women. Regarding sexual crimes, legal demands for rapes have increased considerably in recent years.

Prevent violence

In El Salvador, ICCO promotes initiatives that economically empower youth in order to prevent violence. It also supports a project to reinforce the capacity of mitigation and adaptation to climate change of the Community Based Organizations, intensifying the knowledge management and the implementation of strategic climatic and forest actions.

In addition, ICCO works to strengthen the skills of indigenous population in order for them to do lobbying and advocacy for the respect of their rights and to implement strategies that helps them continue and develop their costumes, traditions and identity that have an impact on the environment.

Building Protection by Empowering People in Latin America

In response to increased insecurity in Latin America and more specifically in Central America and Colombia, this regional ...

Project started:
  • 2012
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