Documentary Myanmar: Changes in the Field

ICCO is proud to present ‘Changes in the Field’, a documentary on climate change and agriculture in Myanmar. The documentary is a journey across Myanmar exploring the lives of farmers and how they are affected by climate change, and offers a path towards sustainable practices for a growing population.

Documentary Myanmar: Changes in the Field

Myanmar’s climate is projected to shift dramatically in the coming decades. The Global Climate Risk Index has identified Myanmar among the top three countries most affected by extreme weather events. 

Agriculture is one of the most vulnerable sectors to the impacts of climate change, which is a threat for food security and for the livelihoods of farmers. The documentary shows interviews with farmers in different parts of Myanmar, to discover how their daily lives are affected by a changing climate.

The documentary also explores sustainable practices, like climate smart agriculture. An example of this is salt tolerant rice, a variety of rice which grows on salt-affected land.

Production and Support

The documentary was produced by the filmmakers Tomas Derville and Beatrice Manole and was supported by ICCO Cooperation, GIZ and Helvetas Myanmar. The documentary includes scenes and stakeholders of ICCO’s project ‘Pulses, People, Planet, Profit’ (P4), a project which improves the income of smallholder mungbean farmers.

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