Everything Is Useful, Don’t Throw It Out!

‘Everything Is Useful, Don’t Throw It Out!’ is a contest aiming to inspire youth throughout Bolivia to prepare innovative, original and creative recipes with food left-overs and residues in times of quarantine due to COVID-19. The participants prepare dishes in which the main ingredients are foods left-overs or residues we throw out every day but can still be used and eaten.

Everything Is Useful, Don’t Throw It Out!

In Latin America, almost 1 kilo of waste per day is generated, of which 52% is food. Approximately 30% of the food which is bought in Latin America ends up in the wastebasket.  

The bad habit of wasting food can be a result of lack of awareness or lack of planning the weekly menu. Be it fruit skins, leafs, stems, unprepared food, or food left-overs, we all waste food.  

First Contest for Recipes Against Food Waste

In order to raise awareness and promote the use of food residues, ICCO and Manqa, with the support of the Embassy of France in Bolivia, launched the first contest for cooking recipes against food-waste: “Everything Is Useful, Don’t Throw It Out!”

The contest aimed at young men and women who graduated from cooking schools throughout Bolivia. The participants had to present an innovative, original and creative main dish or soup recipe where the main ingredient is edible food residues from fruits or vegetables or food left-overs. The preparations had to include Bolivian ingredients and the use of canned foods, flavor-enhancers and imported products was not allowed.   

The Final 

On June 25th, the jury, made up of renowned members of the Bolivian gastronomic community, selected 10 finalists. Through a session in Facebook Live, the finalists prepared their recipes, talked about the ingredients they used and explained their inspiration the dishes. 

The three most innovative and winning recipes used tomato peels, breadcrumbs, dry papaya skin, corn fibers, among others. The  three winners received cash prizes to promote gastronomic businesses and the publication of their recipe. 

The judges also selected the best 30 recipes to be part of a printed and digital publication to be distributed nation-wide. 

Photo: the online final where youth prepared their dish online through Facebook Live

For more information, you can click on the following link: or visit the Facebook page @EscuelasManqa.


As of 1st January 2021 ICCO has joined forces with Cordaid and continues as one organization under the name Cordaid.

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