FEPROAH Conducts “Community Forest Management” Workshop

The Federation of Agroforestry Producers of Honduras (FEPROAH in Spanish) developed a workshop on Community Forest Management. The workshop is part of the project Our Land, Our Forest. Organizations of indigenous peoples and other local communities have implemented this project in Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize and Guatemala in consortium with ICCO Cooperation, with thanks to funding from the European Union.

FEPROAH Conducts “Community Forest Management” Workshop

The technical staff of state entities, responsible for forestry matters, attended this workshop with the intention of gradually creating a sustainable forest territory development model in Honduras. Several representatives of the National University of Forest Sciences (UNACIFOR) attended the workshop, as well as the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF) and the College of Forest Professionals of Honduras (COLPROFORH).

The workshop is mainly about environmental, agricultural and climate change management of forests. It highlights concepts of community forestry and the principles for a successful application of this strategy.

We want them to know their rights over territories, the importance of our trees to produce oxygen and other benefits that are generated for our communities,” said Serapio Caballero, president of FEPROAH. “Our interest in training different actors in the forestry sector is to empower them to manage forests effectively in conjunction with community organizations. With proper forest management, forests can generate employment and improve the quality of life of the families of the communities.”

Through these and other regional actions, ICCO Cooperation and its partner organizations are contributing to improve the conditions of sustainable forest management in Central America, contributing to mitigate the impact of climate change.


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