First Ever Collective Marketing Agreement for Mung Bean Farmers in Myanmar

This weekend, World Pulses Day was organized. In Myanmar, one of the pulses of key importance for export to international markets is mung bean (called Pedi Zein in Myanmar language).

First Ever Collective Marketing Agreement for Mung Bean Farmers in Myanmar

During this same weekend, in Myanmar, mung bean farmers of ICCO’s Pulses, People, Planet and Profit (P4) project had a huge milestone to celebrate.

Premium price for good quality

In the Yangon Region, the first ever collective marketing agreement for the Regional Farmer Development Association was signed. This means that more than 700 farmers are now achieving a stable premium price for good quality mung bean!

Farmers actively applying Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) joined together to collectively sell their current harvest to a Myanmar mung bean collection company. Through collective action, farmer leaders were able to negotiate bulk sales and quality assessment terms with buyers. The farmers now get a price of 42,000 Myanmar kyat (€24,16) per basket of grade A mung bean, which is much higher compared to the prices of the same quality mung bean (average price of last year is around 35,000 MMK (€20,13) per basket).

Working together

The moment is significant for Myanmar: it is the first time in the Yangon region that farmers have been able to work together in groups to market their mung bean together. Similarly, it is the first time that parties from different parts of society worked together to facilitate this: ICCO Cooperation, Network Activities Group and East West Seeds facilitated and trained farmers in lobby and advocacy, organizing, and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Department of Agriculture (DOA) under Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation also assisted in checking if practices are indeed implemented and offered a warehouse for storage of mung bean.

GAP certificate

Due to good collaboration with DOA, in the Magway region, 265 farmers of the P4 project from Minbuu township have been awarded a GAP certificate—the first ever Mung Bean GAP certificate in Myanmar.
Companies like Myint Myat Taw Win (MMTW) constructively gave farmers transparent offers and on time payments for their harvest.


As of 1st January 2021 ICCO has joined forces with Cordaid and continues as one organization under the name Cordaid.

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