First Harvest of Salt-Tolerant Vegetables in Bangladesh

Last year, ICCO received a contribution from the Dutch Postcode Lottery for our project The Salt Solution.

First Harvest of Salt-Tolerant Vegetables in Bangladesh

With their support, ICCO and our partners Salt Farm Texel and Codec are training farmers in southern Bangladesh to grow salt tolerant crops. 

In the coastal areas of Bangladesh, salinity is a widespread problem. Due to high concentrations of salt in the soil, crops no longer grow there. The Salt Solution provides a natural solution to make saline soil productive yet again: salt tolerant crops. With these crops, salt affected soil can be made productive again. 

This month, the first results are visible: fields full of salt tolerant carrots, kohl and kohlrabi are ready for harvest. Farmers, like Abdul, Anita, Layli and Rita, are very enthusiastic. A promising start of this innovative approach!

Watch the photos for an impression

Salt Solution

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