Give Coffee Farmers Access to Detailed Weather Information

There is a good chance that you started your day today with a cup of coffee. October 1st marks International Coffee Day. Great reason to reflect on the origin of your coffee. Can we guarantee the cultivation of coffee in the future? Coffee farmers are hit hard by climate change. A solution lies in providing detailed weather information to small farmers.

Give Coffee Farmers Access to Detailed Weather Information

Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia are – in that order – the largest coffee producers and exporters in the world. 80% of the coffee produced comes from around 25 million smallholder coffee farmers worldwide; the rest comes from larger coffee producers.

These smallholder coffee farmers are affected by climate change. For example, coffee farmers in the Central Highlands in Vietnam are increasingly confronted with on the one hand excessive rainfall during the rainy season and on the other hand longer drought seasons.

Detailed weather information

The unpredictable weather as a result of climate change results in production losses for smallholder coffee farmers. For example, the uneven distribution of rain over the year requires irrigation to be able to continue to realize the high harvests. What smallholder farmers therefore need is detailed weather information.

Whereas previously coffee farmers mainly obtained their information via television, now more and more farmers use detailed information via mobile phones. This is – among others – done in the Geodata for Agriculture and Water Program, in which we make mobile apps available to small farmers. This allows smallholder farmers to see exactly when it will rain.
Farmers can then plan much better when, for example, they have to irrigate, sow and harvest, taking into account expected rainfall. This results in fewer costs for the farmer and it increases the production and quality of the coffee.

And in this way your cup of coffee can also be secured in the future.

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