Grafting: A Promising Business for a Determined Woman

Edmealem is a mother of four, living in Ethiopia, who tragically lost her husband five years go. Since her husband was always responsible for providing food for the family, she began struggling with life after he passed away. She says: “One day I looked at my children and I determined in my heart that my children will never go hungry while I am alive. I will work hard to feed them and to send them to school.” 

Grafting:  A Promising Business for a Determined Woman

After Edmealem made this decision, she began farming as her husband had done. She eventually learned that farming alone was always a difficult struggle. She finally decided to go to the local Kebele government representatives looking for advice and support. That was when they introduced her to the SAFE team who were working in her district.
She was excited to learn that there were other means of livelihood apart from traditional farming. She began going for training on seedling and grafting.

training of farmers ethiopia

training of farmers ethiopia

Photos above: farmers in Ethiopia, among which Edmealem, receive training

Very soon, Edmealem started grafting avocados, coffee, and mango plants for the market. She also learned that she could grow a wider variety of vegetables and fruits on her farm by saving water for the dry season. She decided to build a large water conservation well.

Now Edmealem grows thousands of saplings for sale at the market. She grafted 1,500 avocados and sold them for BIRR 15 each, she grew 300 coffee saplings which she sold for BIRR 5 each and 100 mangos (local variety) which she sold for BIRR 20 each. In total she made BIRR 26,000.

She is now even more inspired to continue to expand her business on a larger scale and wants to share her experience with her neighbours.

Edmealem with her daugther

Edmealem working with her daughter on the field

Photos above: Edmealem with one of her daughters

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