ICCO Cooperative Expands

“Now that Wild Geese is joining the ICCO cooperative, we can intensify the capacity building of local NGOs in developing countries. Working on poverty reduction and justice”, says Marinus Verweij, chairman of the Executive Board of ICCO. Wild Geese works on community based initiatives in developing countries, that have the support of Dutch volunteers.

ICCO Cooperative Expands

ICCO and Wild Geese already work together in ‘Change the Game’. This program started a year ago and supports local organizations with fundraising trainings and investments in networks, using the forces of other NGOs and local governments to work on poverty reduction and justice.

In 2012 the cooperative called ICCO Cooperation started, existing of Kerk in Actie, Edukans and coPrisma. With the introduction of Wild Geese the cooperative strengthens her position in the Netherlands and developing countries.

All cooperative members bring in their own expertise focusing on economic empowerment, food security, education, minorities and vulnerable people, resilience and emergency aid. Verweij: “By bundling our knowledge and networks, the cooperative can have strong programs, which complement each other and have a sustainable impact.”