ICCO Receives 3 Awards from SDG Partnership Facility

We are proud to announce that ICCO has received 3 new awards from the SDG Partnership Facility by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). These new projects all contribute to SDGP’s main aim: to contribute to achieve food security and private sector development in developing countries.

ICCO Receives 3 Awards from SDG Partnership Facility

The 3 projects that have been approved are public-private partnerships in the areas of nutrition, sustainable value chains, climate-resilient food systems and better income for youth and women.

Below an overview of the selected projects is presented.

COASTS – Bangladesh

Coastal Opportunities and Agriculture Solutions to Tackle Salinity

COASTS - Bangladesh

SDGP theme: Sustainable and climate-resilient food production systems
ICCO’s priority topic: climate-resilient food systems, new technologies

The COASTS project will reach out to 10,000 salinity-affected farmers (50% women) and cover 5,000 hectares of salt affected coastal fallow land in Southern Bangladesh. The project will contribute to sustainable food system development on farmland affected by varying salinity levels. This includes support to increase the availability and commercial viability of locally produced and Dutch salt tolerant vegetable seed varieties, agri-training to farmers on saline agriculture, support to farmers in access to markets, and the endorsement to promote saline agriculture by local, national and academic institutions.

Information about weather, climate forecasts and training tutorials for farmers will be delivered via a mobile application, which links this project to the G4AW (Netherlands Space Office) programs of ICCO in Asia. We believe that new technologies can be of added value for farmers in reducing their water usage and agrochemicals input. Also, training via an app is an important alternative for face2face training in times of COVID-19.

ICCO’s project partners:

  • Lal Teer Seeds Ltd
  • Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI)
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)

Excelling in Excelsa – South Sudan

Providing jobs and livelihoods for youth and women through coffee

Excelling in Excelsa - South Sudan

SDGP theme: Better work and income for youth and women
ICCO’s priority topic: youth employment

In conflict-ridden South Sudan, the private sector has not developed and youth and women have limited access to employment. While the agricultural sector could be a potential driver of economic growth, the sector experiences low productivity and export markets can not be reached due to limited infrastructure. In Nzara county, Equatoria Teak Company (ETC), a sustainable forest company, is the only private sector actor, and has provided 900 jobs to the community. However, as teak production will fall in the coming years, these jobs can not be secured.

The “Excelling in Excelsa” project will ensure new jobs are created for youth and women in Nzara and Yambio counties, through developing a new value chain. The value chain with the most potential is the coffee chain as coffee is a high value, non-perishable crop. Excelsa is a unique variety that can serve the specialty coffee market and be sold at a higher price. This is needed to compensate for the higher transport costs in South Sudan. By providing decent work through setting-up a nursery, three model and private farms and private extension services the project will create 190 farm jobs. Moreover, by developing an outgrower scheme with 1,000 contract farmers, the project will contribute directly to the improvement of productivity and incomes of 1,000 farmers.

Farmers will be instructed on how to set-up an agroforestry intercropping scheme with groundnuts/beans, bananas, coffee, and teak to achieve results on the short-term (food security through food crops), medium-term (income from coffee) and long-term (investment/savings from teak). This is also a climate smart farming technique.

ICCO’s project partners:

  • Equatoria Teak Company
  • Hummingbird Action for Peace and Development

CashYOU – Cambodia

Sustainable Organic Cashew in Cambodia

CashYOU - Cambodia

SDGP theme: Value chain development
ICCO’s priority topic: climate-resilient food systems, youth employment

The CashYOU project will contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth in the Cambodian cashew supply chain. Cambodia is one of the world’s top 10 cashew producers, but 95% of the production is exported raw to Vietnam. The majority of these cashews are produced by smallholder farmers (including women and youth) with low farm incomes. In export markets such as Europe and the USA, there is a growing demand for locally produced organic cashews, but currently farmers are not able to deliver due to problems in the production, market and enabling environment. By bringing together local and international actors from the private sector, NGOs and the government, CashYOU will result in:

Increased production of organic and sustainable cashew.
Improved competitiveness for cashew farmers, processors and exporters.
A more inclusive cashew value chain.

The results will directly benefit 5,000 smallholder farmers (of which 1,500 women and 1,000 are youth) and their households (including indigenous people), who will experience income growth.

ICCO’s project partners:

  • Doens Food Ingredients B.V.
  • Signatures of Asia Co., Ltd
  • Non Timber Forest Products Cambodia
  • Department of Industrial Crops of the General Directorate of Agriculture of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

ICCO’s other SDGP projects

Currently ICCO is the lead agency of 6 RVO SDGP programs of which 2 have finalized the inception phase. These 2 projects from SDGP round 1 (2019) are MasterPeas Myanmar and South Senegal Rice on the Rise.


As of 1st January 2021 ICCO has joined forces with Cordaid and continues as one organization under the name Cordaid.

ICCO’s international website will remain online for the time being and can be visited here or go to Cordaid: