Manq’a Students Launch Radio Show

Manq’a, ICCO’s gastronomy project in Bolivia, has started a radio show to promote employment, healthy food production and consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manq’a Students Launch Radio Show

On May 4th, youth from Manq’a launched the radio program “Aru Manq’a”: The Voice of Youth. Its objective is to make visible the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth, like access to education, unemployment and the struggle of businesses to survive.   

Thanks to the results of the earlier radio program “You Don’t Say”, broadcasted in 2019 by the Manq’a Youth Collective, the idea emerged to re-launch the radio show in these times of COVID-19, touching on issues such as healthy eating, communication skills, public speaking, etc. 

The radio show conductors are Susan Catari and Ivan Carpio, two Manq’a school students and members of the Manq’a Youth Collective. When they found out there was the possibility of a radio show, Susan and Ivan were very excited because they knew their voice would reach an enormous amount of people. 

I was excited to hear I would be part of Manq’a radio show, because it is an opportunity for people to find out about healthy eating and learn to value Bolivian products says Ivan.  

“For me this is a great opportunity, not only for personal development, but also as an opportunity for getting to know my own opinion, my voice and that of many others”, says Susan. 

Radio shows are a good way to inform the population and decision makers in Bolivia. Besides, it is a chance for young people to express themselves. 

Translated from Aymara, Aru Manq’a means “the word from Manq’a”. This part of the Manq’a program is supported by ICCO’s project Civic Engagement Alliance

The radio show is broadcasted every Thursday at 17:00 in Bolivia through 106.0 FM Radio Pachamama and also available via Facebook.


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