Sanitation Solution for the Slums

Biofil is now coming to Bangladesh with a sanitation solution for the slums. 

Sanitation Solution for the Slums

Biofil has been operating in Ghana and India for the past 5 years with success in installing over 8,000 toilets which have received tremendous response and is high in demand. Biofil Digester is now coming to Bangladesh with an aim of installing over 20,000 toilets in slums in the coming years.

The Bio Digester is a simple compact on-site organic waste treatment system that uniquely combines the goodness of the water flushing toilet system and those of the composting toilets. The digester is essentially a biological filters consisting of a medium of soil and concrete.  To carry that out in Bangladesh, Biofil is looking for a company to collaborate with as a Joint Venture (JV) partner and that partner could be you!

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Shit Solutions is promoted is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the SanMark City project is a two years action research project being implemented by ICCO Cooperation and its partners since January 2014 in Bangladesh.