Statement on COVID-19

ICCO Cooperation joins in solidarity with all the peoples of the world to fight the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus, which continues to take an unprecedented toll on communities and systems that form the bedrock of our world. We also express our sorrow to all those who lost loved ones in this pandemic or are currently ill.

Statement on COVID-19

According to the World Meter report dated 23rd March, globally 343,414 cases have been reported, 99,066 people have recovered and 14,776 have unfortunately succumbed to the virus and these numbers are growing daily. The virus remains difficult to predict, and without adherence to globally accepted health protocols by countries and the World Health Organization (WHO), it threatens to be among us for many months.

The global work of ICCO has been affected by the COVID-19 virus, especially in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa where several nations have been declared high risk and have implemented strict measures to protect populations. ICCO is well organized and has responded swiftly to keep staff and communities safe. ICCO continues, as much as possible, to conduct its mandate to build sustainable communities. We shall also continue to globally map out the consequences of the pandemic on our activities, in order to be better prepared for any eventualities. We further look for financial means to partner on interventions to reduce the impact of this pandemic and respond to its multiple effects on communities worldwide.

We call upon all our staff, partners and all communities to take up the responsibility of adopting and maintaining the highest health standards set by the World Health Organization and their respective governments. We can only win if we work together.