11.2 Million Euros Raised for Sulawesi

ICCO Cooperation, together with 8 other aid organizations in the Netherlands, started a campaign to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia. On October 10, a national action day for Sulawesi was organized. TV and radio channels paid in their programs attention to the disaster and the humanitarian aid. In total, €11,255,853 was raised, a great result.

11.2 Million Euros Raised for Sulawesi

During the national action day everywhere in the Netherlands people held small and bigger events to raise funds. Children had committed themselves by baking cupcakes and cookies and selling them at school or in their neighbourhood. Companies were also involved to raise money. Marinus Verweij, chair of the campaign for Sulawesi and chair of ICCO: “As cooperating relief organizations, we are grateful that the people of the Netherlands have committed themselves en masse to the victims of Sulawesi”.

Late in the evening the total amount was made public: € 11,255,853. A great result. The 9 aid organizations expect more donations to come in the next weeks before we know the final result. ICCO, together with Kerk in Actie, has been spending part of the funds already via our local partners in Sulawesi, to provide first aid to the victims.

Tiarma Panjaitan, aid worker for ICCO, is now in Sulawesi: “Our first priority lies in the safety of people from Sulawesi. We make large quantities of medication available for people who need it. Many people were injured after the earthquake and tsunami. After the first aid, it is important to get the reconstruction started”. 

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