2 years after earthquake Nepal: from relief to recovery

Tuesday April 25th we commemorate the victims of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Nearly 9,000 people were killed and 22,000 were injured. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their loved ones, their house, their livelihoods. ICCO immediately started delivering life-saving aid. Furthermore it rolled out a winterization program and initiated recovery projects.

2 years after earthquake Nepal: from relief to recovery

After the first response in the emergency phase, ICCO worked with communities, government service delivery organizations, private sector agencies like suppliers and traders, and relevant technical institutions to efficiently implement its livelihoods recovery and winterization efforts in 3 of the most severely affected districts of Central Nepal.

More than 1,100 households received winter essentials like blankets, clothing and bedding, despite the fuel and supply shortages caused by the unofficial trade embargo with India.

By engaging the private sector, ICCO was able to benefit over 18,846 households via restoration of community socio-economic infrastructures such as irrigation schemes, grinding mills, cardamom drying kilns and agricultural roads and a hand-made paper steamer facility.

ICCO works with local communities to embed and build knowledge on disaster risk reduction by forming groups to conduct safety drills, conduct vulnerability capacity assessment and develop emergency preparedness and response plans.

In order to build community resilience, ICCO supports and actively promotes the use of climate adaptive agricultural techniques and pilot new and innovative technologies. Around 400 households were able to start climate smart vegetable production through improved plastic tunnels.