8000 Euros for Manq’a at Beneficial Dinner World Press Photo

At a Beneficial Dinner during the World Press Photo exhibition in Zeeland, 8000 euros was raised for Manq’a. The Beneficial Dinner was organized by Rotary Hulst and several sponsors contributed to the collected amount of money. The dinner took place in the basilica of Hulst (Zeeland) on Saturday December 15.

8000 Euros for Manq’a at Beneficial Dinner World Press Photo

During the evening, 260 attendees enjoyed high quality food made by amongst others Edwin Vinke, a chef from the Netherlands with a Michelin star. The dinner took place in the same place as of the World Press Photo Exhibition, so that attendees could also take a look at the impressive photos.

Machteld Ooijens, involved in ICCO Colombia, gave a presentation about the Manq’a gastronomic schools. By now, the Manq'a project has successfully trained more than 3,500 vulnerable young men and women as cooks and gastronomic entrepreneurs in Bolivia and Colombia. Manq’a schools are unique for cooking with locally produced organic ingredients. While this creates better job perspectives for marginalized youth, it also stimulates the demand for local agricultural products, leading to a better income for local farmers.

The 8000 euros will be destined to realize the mobile Manq’a schools (trucks), so that young people in the rural and most remote areas in southern Colombia can also be reached.



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