A 5-week boost for Dutch-Ghanaian entrepreneurs

Startup accelerator Growing Business Together begins.

A 5-week boost for Dutch-Ghanaian entrepreneurs

Dutch-Ghanaian entrepreneurs with a viable business idea have the opportunity to partake in a 5-week accelerator program. The application term for the program, called Growing Business Together (GBT) was officially launched on 17 December 2016 at an event organized by Young Ghanaian Professionals Benelux and iMPACT Booster.

A select group of motivated guest speakers gave the young professionals advice for their professional careers. Amma Asante (member of the Second Chamber) who is also of Ghanaian heritage, firstly emphasized on the necessity to persevere. Creative entrepreneur Awura Simpe gave an illustration by sharing her life journey and focused on making bold decisions.

During the program, participants receive support from a mentor and a variety of training courses on starting a business and the business environment in Ghana. The winning participant will have the opportunity to pitch his or her business at the GBT investment conference in Ghana in September 2017.

“100% commitment, presence and determination is the minimum requirement for entrepreneurial success in Ghana” By Ray Acheampong (RAYBEN Diagnostics, Ghana)             

Submission business proposals

Candidates for the GBT Business Booster have until 29 January 2017 to submit their business proposal. In February selections will be done, afterwards the business booster follows in March 2017. Visit the website for more information and apply here

About Growing Business Together (GBT)

GBT is implemented by iMPACT Booster in the Netherlands and MBC Africa in Ghana. Over a period of 2 years GBT will annually select and coach 35 young entrepreneurs with setting up or growing their business. In the Netherlands, a maximum of 15 candidates will partake in Growing Business Together. The candidates who will be selected for the program will be announced in February 2017.

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