A pioneer and an innovator: ICCO and Lendahand start collaboration

Fintech start-up Lendahand and international development organisation ICCO start a strategic collaboration. Both organisations already work for a better world, and they now join forces. Both organisations have the ambition to support starting entrepreneurs in the global south.

A pioneer and an innovator: ICCO and Lendahand start collaboration

Core of the collaboration is an equity investment from ICCO in Lendahand. With this investment, ICCO is the first institutional investor in Lendahand. Lendahand was awarded with the Financial Product of the Year in 2015. Besides the investment, both organizations look forward to learn from each other’s expertise.

The online impact investing platform Lendahand started in 2013, enabling private investors worldwide to lend money to companies and sustainable projects in emerging countries. Lendahand CEO, Peter Heijen: "The collaboration opens doors to fight poverty even more in more countries worldwide. Moreover, ICCO knows best how to measure our impact. We look forward to learn from this experience".'

Where Lendahand is a startup that fully innovates and operates in an agile way, ICCO is characterized by more than 50 years of experience in development cooperation. ICCO's focus is on supporting farmers and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector so that they have a better position in the value chain. The years of experience has resulted in a worldwide network. The CFO of ICCO Wim Hart: "These days, we have to find new sources of funding if we want to continue combating poverty. Grants from the government are being cut, so we focus more on other opportunities, such as investing in emerging companies we believe in. The collaboration is very valuable to us, we can learn a lot from the innovative Lendahand".

The two organizations, in the same sector but totally different, now join forces. Wim Hart: “A win-win situation, where a pioneer will work with an innovator in the sector”.

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