CEO Marinus Verweij Hands over the Baton in 2019

Utrecht, 3 January 2019 - Marinus Verweij will resign in the course of 2019 as chair (CEO) of the Executive Board of ICCO Cooperation. Under his leadership, ICCO has made major organizational changes, and he thinks the time is ripe for new leadership of the organization. Verweij has been at the helm of ICCO for more than eight years.

CEO Marinus Verweij Hands over the Baton in 2019

Under the leadership of Marinus Verweij, ICCO has been transformed from a traditional development organization to a decentralized social enterprise with 5 regional and 20 country offices and the ICCO Group with non-profit subsidiary companies.

The past few years - with the austerity measures from the Dutch government - were turbulent. As an answer, ICCO broadened its financing base to other international funds. A new strategy has brought more focus, with the choice for specialization in the agri sector: food security and the promotion of market-driven productivity in value chains. Since the bulk of our work takes place in fragile contexts, we continue to focus on strengthening the resilience of communities in collaboration with Kerk in Actie, to adapt to the consequences of climate change and to cope with threats from natural disasters and conflict. ICCO cooperates more and more in public private partnerships, because we believe that more impact can be achieved by working together.
Recently, the new strategy 2018-2022 was presented: 'Towards a Just and Dignified World'. This places the priority on the Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).
Verweij thinks the time is right to hand over the baton.

Johan de Leeuw, chairman of the Supervisory Board of ICCO: 'Marinus has led ICCO for almost a decade in difficult times of a widening global gap between rich and poor, internal cutbacks and reorganizations. Under his leadership, the organization has undergone a metamorphosis and can therefore better focus on its mission: combating poverty. We are very grateful to him for that.'

The recruitment campaign for a new CEO will start soon via a recruitment agency. The expectation is that the transfer will take place before the summer of 2019. The new CEO will form the Executive Board of ICCO together with CFO Jolanda Wakkerman.

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