Data4Development and ICCO Cooperation Start Collaboration

Data4Development and ICCO Cooperation are happy to announce their new collaboration. The collaboration will focus on the further development and marketing of an IATI-proof data application.

Data4Development and ICCO Cooperation Start Collaboration

Developing software meets marketing

Data4Development and ICCO join forces with the new collaboration. Where ICCO brings in the expertise of developing software, Data4Development uses its experience in marketing. Gyan Mahadew, managing director Data4Development: "It’s great that we can start working with the data application developed by ICCO. We see a huge potential in it and we are thrilled to develop it further". 

IATI data application

Core of the collaboration is a data application developed by ICCO. This user friendly application makes data visible and matches the IATI-standard, an international set of rules to increase transparency about development aid. Since 2016, many donors, including the Dutch Foreign Ministry, require grant recipients to publish their programme information according to the IATI-standard. Wim Hart, financial director ICCO: “It’s important that we as NGOs use data to substantiate why our programs are working or not, and make adjustments if necessary. That’s how you can get real impact”. 

About Data4Development

Data4Development was founded in 2015 and made its mark by combining expertise in information technology and social practices. Data4Development helps several NGOs with efficiency savings in complex areas such as IT and information management. 

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