Launch of GREENCoffee App for Coffee Farmers in Vietnam

The GREENCoffee Mobile App has been launched and is now available in the Play and Apple stores. The app provides information services to coffee farmers in Vietnam, such as weather, market prices and soil fertility. The launch of the app is an important step in the GREENCoffee project, a public-private partnership led by ICCO Cooperation under the umbrella of the Geodata for Agriculture and Water program.

Launch of GREENCoffee App for Coffee Farmers in Vietnam

8 themes

The app provides information under 8 themes: weather, pest and disease, soil fertility, market price, sale demand, buy demand, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and question and answer.
For example, under the theme market price, farmers can view the prices of the current day and the prices of the previous days. It also displays the price chart statistics for a month. The app also brings together sellers and buyers of coffee. Farmers can see which traders want to buy coffee, the quantity they need, the type of coffee, the price, location, etc.

Weather information based on geodata

The app also provides weather information on a detailed basis. The app can display the minimum and maximum temperature, wind direction and wind speed and the amount of rain by location. This is important data for farmers to help them decide whether to water, harvest or spray their crop. This improves the productivity and quality of the coffee.

Public private partnership within G4AW

GREENCoffee is carried out by a public private partnership of which ICCO is the lead organization. The other partners of the partnership are AKVO, eLEAF, ERIPT, MARD/IPSARD, MARD/NIAPP, Nelen and Schuurmans, TTC Mobile, UTZ and WaterWatch Projects. Each partner brings a unique set of knowledge and experiences that contributes to the development of rich and useful information for our farmers. The project is part of the broader program Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) of the Netherlands Space Office, which finances this project. G4AW improves food security in developing countries by using satellite data.



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