Practical Roadmap for SMEs to Respect Human Rights

To assist SMEs respecting human rights in their operations we developed a practical guide: Roadmap Doing Responsible Business.

report doing responsible businessMore and more, SMEs are aware of their responsibility of taking care of human rights in their entire business operations. Consumers and their clients increasingly ask companies about the environmental and social circumstances under which the products they sell have been made. To assist SMEs respecting human rights in their operations, ICCO Cooperation together with Fair & Sustainable Consulting, developed a practical guide: Roadmap Doing Responsible Business.

With this guide, SMEs sourcing internationally, can make their chain sustainable and reduce the risk to have a negative impact on human rights.


The roadmap helps the reader in three steps to navigate through the large amount of existing guides and tools. It shows what to do, why and how. It provides useful clickable links and shows examples of other SMEs taking steps in this respect.

Roadmap for sme's on human rights and businessFor whom?

The guide is made for owners and managers of SMEs in the fruit and vegetable sector willing to take first steps towards a more sustainable value chain. It has been developed in close consultation with SMEs, resulting in a tailor-made roadmap for this sector and written in a language understandable for non-experts.

Our offer

The tool is being meant as self-explanatory. But, we are very much willing to see whether ICCO and Fair & Sustainable could assist you in applying the roadmap to your organization.

ICCO is present in 36 countries worldwide. We offer

  • advice to international and local companies implementing human rights work (esp. land rights, fair pricing, gender equality, local communities)

  • organizing multi-stakeholder dialogues and stakeholder engagement

  • advice and staff training assessments of supply chains (Fair & Sustainable)

More information?

If you would like to get more information or assistance on how to get started or implement Human Rights in your business, please contact our Business and Human Rights specialist Femmy Bakker:

Go to the Roadmap Doing responsible Business

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