PlusPlus: Give Money Meaning

At you can invest in entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food value chain in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

PlusPlus enables more food security, entrepreneurship and employment in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through crowdfunding, we raise capital for small and medium-sized enterprises in the agricultural sector. It’s not a donation, but an investment. Thousands of individual investors will contribute directly to increasing production and thus more food and jobs with fair wages. Once the loan is paid back, the money can be invested again. Like a gift that keeps on giving.

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PlusPlus is an initiative of development organizations Solidaridad and ICCO, crowdfunding platform Lendahand and business booster Truvalu.

Sybren Attema

CEO ICCO Cooperation

“As a development organisation working on food security and economic empowerment, ICCO helps farmers and small businesses grow. PlusPlus is the logical next step. By providing the necessary access to finance, these agri-businesses can expand further and reach more scale, which creates new jobs and boosts the local economy. For ICCO, PlusPlus is an innovative new addition to our strategy to work towards a world without poverty.”

Investing in impact

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in agriculture and food value chains play an important role in the local economy in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Investing in these SMEs allows them to grow. It not only benefits their own businesses, it also creates new jobs, enhances food production, provides better income for many and gives a boost to the local economy.

While investments in agri-SMEs creates social impact, access to the necessary finance is difficult for these entrepreneurs. They are too big for microfinance, yet too small or high risk for loans from a regular bank. PlusPlus bridges this gap by connecting them to investors in the Netherlands who provide them affordable loans. Your investment lets them grow!

A gift that keeps on giving

To invest, you don’t have to wear a suit or have cash under your mattress. On our platform you can invest as little as € 50. You select which entrepreneur you want to invest in, and how much. Once the total loan amount is raised, the entrepreneur receives the loan and invests it in their business. Whichever entrepreneur you invest in, you always create impact.

The entrepreneur pays back the loan in installments. After repayment, you can keep your money, or you can invest it again, creating even more impact with the same amount. By investing in these entrepreneurs, you give money meaning.

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How PlusPlus works

PlusPlus offers a solution that enables SMEs in agriculture and food value chains to grow. You can join in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 – Choose the project you want to invest in

The PlusPlus team coaches various entrepreneurs in different countries. All of them are entrepreneurs who are committed to making their business grow successfully. You decide in which entrepreneur you invest.

Step 2 – Invest between € 50 and € 10.000

Not only do you choose the entrepreneur in whom you invest, you also determine the amount. Depending on the size of the company, an amount between € 10,000 and € 1,000,000 is often required to successfully grow. Together we will raise that money. Every participation counts.

Step 3 – Make a difference

The entrepreneur uses your contribution to improve his or her business. As a result, production often increases. This provides extra income and new jobs. As the business continues to grow, so does employment and food security. Win win! Or: PlusPlus.

Step 4 – Receive updates

The entrepreneur will send you occasional updates. This way you get to know more about the entrepreneur and how your money is invested. You’ll realise how big the impact is you are creating.

Step 5 – Contribute again

Once you get your investment back, you have the possibility to re-invest it in another company. Thus, without an extra penny or effort you change the life of another entrepreneur. And another one….



As of 1st January 2021 ICCO has joined forces with Cordaid and continues as one organization under the name Cordaid.

ICCO’s international website will remain online for the time being and can be visited here or go to Cordaid: