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Barley Emerging Farmers Economic Development

Start project:
  • 2016
  • RVO – Agentschap NL
  • Solidaridad

The BE-FED project seeks to promote the participation of emerging black farmers in the commercial barley production supply chain in South Africa. This initiative is carried through public-private partnership (PPP) among ICCO,Heineken ( Dutch beer manufacturer)and Soufflet ( French malting specialist). By providing a long term market for the farmers, it is expected that barley production will be embraced beyond the project period.

There are 2.5 million black emerging farmers in South Africa who are mostly excluded from the mainstream agricultural economy because of their small size, lack of knowledge and access to finance.
In rural areas, men often travel to be migrant labourers in the cities, leaving women with land which is too small to plough for commercial farming. Projects that target this sector have the potential to significantly improve production levels and livelihoods of these farmers.

Opportunities that make this program possible include:

1). the current focus and interest of the government on improving the capacity of emerging black farmers and creating employment - eg via the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) framework;

2). the identification of existing black farmers with around 3000 hectares of land (40% irrigated) after several years of engagement between the government, traditional land ownership and FABCOS;

3). the willingness of Heineken and Group Soufflet to be critical players in the project and to invest in the construction of a new barley maltery at Sedibeng to provide a long term market for barley (Sedibeng brewery currently imports 100% of its barley requirements from Europe) and

4). the availability of seed funding from the Netherlands government through the Transition Facility.

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