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Consolidation Paraguay Organic as a BDS 2015

Start project:
  • 2015

The Organic Paraguay association to date has been distinguished as a new model of inclusive and sustainable businesses, both national and internationally.

Producer associations and cooperatives are oriented to production, located in 10 of the 17 departments and seek expansion in production under the certification of their farms. Companies focus on the processing and marketing of production in various international markets. NGOs are the entities of coordination between producer organizations and businesses and serve as a catalyst between trade and business productivity gap between producers and marketers.

Between 2009 and 2014, the Association has supported and / lo executed several projects that contributed to its strengthening, as well as producer organizations. It has supported three value chains in the beginning: cotton, sugarcane and sesame.
In recent years supporting other chains that have potential: chia, herbs, citrus, murucuyá, milk, sunflower, canola and citrus peel started.
Currently has more than 2,000 farm families, articulating different organic chains. They are members of Paraguay Organico, 6 companies, 4 ONGs and 13 Producer organizations.

In 2014 was made an external evaluation which states that there is a very good interrelationships and integration among the three actors of the business model and other projects of ICCO. The evaluation proposes alternatives to improve the initiative and generate own funds as:
a) Service of negotiation and agreement between the parties;
b) Specialized technical services;
c) Additional services for members.

Also, structural issues that should be analyzed by Members are suggested regarding the inclusion of new partners, ability to provide services to non-members and restructuring of membership categories.

The proposal for 2015 aims at consolidating services and business alliances organic value chains for family farms through:
i) installed capacities in the negotiation process with all stakeholders to optimize profitability conditions of equity.
Ii) implement specialized technical services that meet the demands of partners and contribute to the sustainability of the Association.Among the specialized services ICCO and Paraguay Organic developed an initiative called Agri-Business Booster, aimed at supporting SMEs with market potential and business.

As part of the strategy for economic empowerment of ICCO, the project is relevant for sustainability of Paraguay Organic Association which is a key player in the organic production system.

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As of 1st January 2021 ICCO has joined forces with Cordaid and continues as one organization under the name Cordaid.

ICCO’s international website will remain online for the time being and can be visited here or go to Cordaid: