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Promoting Transparency and the Right to Access Information

Start project:
  • 2017
  • ICCO Regional Office - Bolivia (La Paz)

The project seeks the participation of citizens in democratic and electoral processes and the promotion of transparency by promoting initiatives that will contribute to increase the approach of citizens, specifically indigenous people, women and youth, to public information, which currently is not entirely in their reach, either due to the lack of mechanisms of state institutions or because of disinformation of society about those that are available.

The Departments of the Chaco have the highest proportions of population with Unsatisfied Basic Needs. The socioeconomic indicators at the national level show a high degree of exclusion of the indigenous population. Only 64% have an identity card; 31.2% of homes have electricity, 15.1% have running water and 3.8% have latrines. They enjoy little participation and political representation. In the case of the indigenous women of the Chaco, these problems increase and there is a lot of inequality with respect to the exercise of their rights. The difficulties of owning land, housing and means of production subordinate them, make them particularly vulnerable and expose them to situations of violence and exploitation.

The population is characterized by the limited exercise of civil and political rights, this translates into minimal guarantee of their economic, social and cultural rights, and collective rights as indigenous people. In summary, there is a need for effective inclusion of indigenous people, which shows the relevance of processes that promote the improvement of their levels of participation.

Despite the existence of binding international instruments on the protection of the rights of indigenous people, the adoption of policies and application is very deficient, above all, the application of the right to prior, free and informed consultation and consent.

Indigenous people in Paraguay are more frequently forced to resort to the Inter-American Human Rights System to file complaints of violation of their rights. Citizens do not recognize the pluriculturality and multiethnicity of the country, legitimizing imaginary and tolerance practices with discrimination and violation of the rights of indigenous peoples. This environment of stigmatization and social exclusion is exacerbated by the lack of surveillance systems and monitoring from the State on the non-compliance with the legal instruments that guarantee their individual and collective rights.

Taking into account the 2030 National Development Plan Paraguay, it has been possible to identify that this proposal is framed in two of its three strategic axes:

- Reduction of poverty and social development and
- Inclusive economic growth.

Therefore, synergies will be sought with the different governmental bodies responsible for the indigenous issue to articulate actions in favor of the sector, will seek to portray the implementation of the National Open Government Plan and articulate actions with the Joint Open Government Committee that incorporates OSC.

At the level of Tierraviva, this proposal is part of the Right to Participation, non-discrimination and the full exercise of the territorial rights of the Indigenous People Program that has been developed over the last five years in that framework currently being implemented. The Project "Improving the electoral political participation of indigenous people and women in Paraguay" with actions of oversight will be articulated as well as the exercise of accountability of the TSJE and Political Parties.

In the case of CODEHUPY, the initiative fully coincides with its main objective of defending and promoting the fundamental rights of the human person, demanding compliance and implementation by the Paraguayan State of the commitments established in the international and national legal instruments related to human rights.

ICCO sees opportunity to support the strengthening of its local allies by providing technical and financial support for the development of projects in search of equality and social justice working on issues of democracy, peace building, fair economic development, justice and dignity.

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