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Response to typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines (ACT)

Start project:
  • 2013

This project helps families, victims of Yolanda, in their legal claims and access to benefits from both government and private institutions. The project improves the social and personal well-being of the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Internationally known as Haiyan, this strongest typhoon (which struck on December 8 2013) in history had caught not only the Philippines but all nations in shock. It made five landfalls in four hours, destroying peoples houses and livelihoods in central Philippines.

ICCO Cooperation and IDEALS, through the 'Access to Benefits and Claims after Disaster' (ABCD) project, work to expedite the speedy recovery process of families-victims affected by Yolanda through timely release of their legal claims and access to other benefits. Legal claims include social protection insurances such as life insurance, death and pensions, health care insurances, housing insurance being provided by government social protection agencies such as GSIS, SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, as well as those acquired from private insurance companies.

Legal claims also include entitlements of surviving heirs of individuals who own real properties, chattels or even cash. On the other hand, there are other benefits offered by both government and non-government entities to all affected families regardless of their status (e.g. whether employed or not, insured or not). Although the government has opened up facilities for claims and loan assistance for the victims, there is no centralized organization or effort that provides legal services to victims. In post-disaster situations as observed in Samar and Leyte, the victims are in dire need of assistance.

The following components of ABCD intervention have been implemented :
1- Legal Research/Inventory on social protection, insurance and other benefits that can be accessed by families-victims affected by the typhoon
2- Scoping and Validation of Beneficiaries
3- Needs Assessment
4- Facilitation of Legal Claims and Access to Benefits (Legal Missions/Cliniquing)
5- Continuing Legal Education and Information Dissemination

Making Jakarta & Manila Sustainable Inclusive Cities

Today half of the world's population, about 3.5 billion people, live in cities. It is expected that by 2050 6.5 billion ...

Project started:
  • 2016
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Integrating Climate Resilience in Typhoon Rehabilitation

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Project started:
  • 2014
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Raising ducks to boost organic rice production.

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Project started:
  • 2012
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