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South African Smallscale Sugar Growers

Start project:
  • 2014

This projects aims to uplift local rural small-scale sugar cane farmers in South Africa. The project will improve the farmers' income by developing a market for Fairtrade certified sugar. The project will encourage certification of farmers, which will increase the availability of Fairtrade sugar. Certified farmers receive a minimum price for their product, as well as a Fairtrade Premium which they can invest in their communities.

South Africa is a major sugar producer, but the position of small-scale growers is very weak. Small-scale sugar growers produce only 8,26% of the total sugar cane production.
Poor infrastructure, limited resources, lack of inputs, limited knowledge or
information, and weak organisational structures are problems that smallscale
farmers are facing.

With this project ICCO supports the organization Fairtrade Label South Africa in developing a local Fairtrade supply chain for South African small-scale sugar growers. Currently, there is a growth in local demand for Fairtrade and ethical and sustainable products.

Together with ICCO, Fairtrade Label South Africa will provide training and technical assistance
to farmers, in order to get the farmers Fairtrade certified. Farmers who are certified, receive a minimum Fairtrade price for their product. In addition, they receive a Fairtrade Premium, which is an additional sum of money which goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use – as they see fit – to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

To realize the objectives of the program and to develop the local fair trade supply chain, the following activities will be implemented:

1. Producer Development: identification of smallholder farming group, training in
Fairtrade Standards and Certification, achievement of certification.
2. Market Development: creation of a Fairtrade sugar business opportunity for local
and multinational brands, assistance with supply chain development and sales.
3. Marketing: increasing awareness about Fairtrade sugar among consumers.

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