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Strengthening Independent Media in Latin America

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  • 2016

We seek to balance the relationships of power and media presence in the region's communications. The project seeks to guarantee the generation of new forms of communicating and informing to the different public and stakeholders of society, which will eventually translate into a more democratic and plural media communication policies in the region.

The information of societies and the public in Latin America today is in the hands of large media groups with strong economic and political interests, and so the information broadcasted and printed responds consistently to these interests; they only show partial news that are functional to their strategies, and they exert pressure on alternative and independent media, since the latter do not have the same economic power to advertise and position themselves. These conditions often force the independent media to close or restrict them to broadcasting and printing spaces without the desired impact or scope.

The press, broadcast media and alternative and independent media play an important role in the construction of democratic, informed, just and empowered societies. At the same time, they help public and private sector decision-makers to be more responsible and consequent with their actions and strategies. They enrich the academic sector and contribute to citizen's participation in public and communicational spaces from which they are often excluded.

In Latin America, the journalist's organizations and alternative and independent media, which are not aligned with elite interest groups, face many obstacles; from the lack of funding, income and sustainable business models to the open intimidation, censorship and violence, among others.

These alternative and independent media need to be strengthened from the standpoint of economic sustainability to allow them to face this complex and uneven context, guaranteeing an objective counterweight in the information broadcasted and printed to the different publics.

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