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Vuela Libre Movement Paraguay Tawa Tawa – Luna Nueva

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  • 2018
  • Tawa Tawa

In the case of Paraguay, its economic and social situation is associated with factors that are underlying the CSEC: poverty, inequality, social exclusion and a predominant patriarchal culture. As part of its Mission, Luna Nueva accompanies girls and adolescents victims of sexual exploitation in their process of personal fulfillment, seeking the development of their potential and individual and collective resources.

Luna Nueva also promotes research activities on CSEC and a gender policy to work on issues that make inequality of women in society, seeking to:
a) Raise awareness about dehumanization and violence against women to generate greater responsibility of the State and greater involvement of citizens.
b) Promote the prevention and care of the rights of vulnerable children and adolescents and victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, in order to generate other life alternatives with them.
c) Design and implement programs that allow the integral development of victims of the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and trafficking.

For its part, the Luna Nueva Group in Paraguay has a long career in the work of prevention and care of sexual exploitation of girls and adolescents, being one of the most recognized institutions in Paraguay in that area, since it has the human strength, technical and material to execute that work; In addition, it has made a contribution to the methodology of work in the prevention and care of sexual exploitation, through its intervention methodology based on the victim's free acceptance of the process of disengagement and the commitment to undertake as a process of creating a new lifetime.

Luna Nueva has seen from the practice the need to build an institutional strategy aimed at training technicians and leaders in the communities on all the elements related to sexual exploitation, the sexuality of adolescents and their implication in the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights.

Overall Objective:
Reduce the commercial sexual exploitation of boys, girls and adolescents (CSEC), including human trafficking, through the creation of protective environments as a space in which the people responsible for the well-being of children unite all their capacities to promote, demand and defend

Specific Objectives:
SO1: Promote the generation of protective environments and the co-responsibility of the public sector, the private sector (tourism and transport), the organized civil society and the media in the awareness, prevention, detection, denunciation, attention and punishment of CSEC.
SO2: Strengthen the knowledge and capacities of social and political advocacy, social control and monitoring of the Vuela Libre Movement in Nicaragua and Paraguay regarding to advances in the protection of children's and adolescents human rights.

Principal Outcomes:
O.1. National and/or local governments and public organizations responsible for the issue of CSEC implement policies, action plans, budgets and protocols to fulfill their responsibilities to ensure that children and adolescents are protected against abuse, violence and exploitation.
O.2. Under the logic of co-responsibility that makes protective environments, 48 Associations and industries of the private sector of tourism (20 in Paraguay and 28 in Nicaragua) are involved and coordinate with the public sector and organized civil society actions of detection, prevention and reporting of CSEC and trafficking.
O.3. 48 Companies from the private tourism sector (20 in Paraguay and 28 Nicaragua) promote the guarantee of the rights of children and adolescents through the strengthening of protective environments by adopting codes of conduct and ethics that include the protection of the Rights of children and adolescents.
O.4. There is a Knowledge Management System, exchange of good practices and experiences and inter-learning on the creation of protective environments among the organizations that are part of the Vuela Libre Movement in Paraguay and Nicaragua.

Target Group: 20 enterprises from tourist private sector.

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