Better livelihoods for IDPs in a Reconciliation Perspective

Mencoldes Foundation will work with sectors concentrating families in high risks and also facing multiple human rights violations caused by the Colombian armed conflict such as: displacement, recruitment within illegal armed groups, territorial control, winter emergencies and floods, low access to basic and public services, poverty, discrimination and family, social and sexual violence. That's why the project seeks to strengthen one hundred and sixty families in vulnerable situations.

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The Colombian Mennonite Foundation for Development - Mencoldes is an initiative of the Mennonite Church of Colombia -IMCOL and the Church of the Mennonite Brothers, with a 40 year history in the field of promotion of integral development in vulnerable communities. Mencoldes Foundation is also inspired by Anabaptists Principles and promotes social transformation dignifying the living conditions and the full enjoyment of human rights of the population in vulnerable conditions. Similarly, as part of the political commitment they search to build a society framed on principles of decent life, nonviolence, social justice, truth, integral peace, equality, hope, service and care for creation in all its fullness.

As context of the proposal, in the past 40 years, the Mencoldes Foundation has been implementing various initiatives with victims in times of emergency and transition to socio-economic stability. The aim of these initiatives is to empower and strengthen gradually displaced and impoverished in specific regions of Colombia.

Mencoldes has key experience in the implementation of CAIDs projects (Centers for Integral Attention to Displaced Families) in Bogota, Suacha and Ibague. These centers have shown that once affected by the armed conflict and violence, populations face new and difficult circumstances, including the marginalization, poverty, social exclusion and violence on their resettlement in new contexts.

The project will be develop in high risk or vulnerable areas of the country.
Better livelihoods for IDPs in a Reconciliation Perspective

Target group

160 displaced families and 80 displaced teenager.


The training on sources of livelihood is enriching, nevertheless, ensuring the use of these capacities in economic projects is indispensable, otherwise there is a risk of desertion and skepticism. Thus it is necessary to promote a sustainability analysis with economic, social, and environmental criteria, so that the proposals are viable for the families with social investment and resources from the public entities.

Coordinated and collective action among public and private entities and social organizations is relevant for families to recover their livelihoods, strengthen their resilience capacity and achieve greater awareness of the protection of children and young people and the respect for their rights.

Goals overview

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