Community Fish Sustainability and Market Inclusiveness

This project aims to improve organizational capacities of Community Fisheries ( CFi) management, sustain fisheries finance through capacity building for Community's Revolving Fund (CRF) committees and increase the income of fishers' families through promoting 'adding value' and access to markets.

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This project is implemented by Morodok, a Cambodian NGO supported by ICCO and Kerk in Actie. The current project is an extension of a previous project (2013-2016) which aimed to contribute to poverty reduction through promoting poor villagers' business cooperatives, setting up small business enterprise networks, and building the capacity of community leaders to establish networks on natural resource management and to discuss alternative livelihood options. As the results from the previous project indicated a further need of strengthening capacities, access to finance and access to markets for fishers, the current cycle (2016-2019) focuses specifically on these interventions.

The Fisheries Project focuses on providing technical assistance to fishers families in 5 Community Fisheries: Chikhor Krom, Chrouy Svay, Andoug Tek and Thmor Sar (all in Koh Kong Province) and Tumnop Rolok (in Preah Sihanouk Province) to improve their production techniques, and packaging and marketing of seafood products, to effectively manage their fishery resources in a sustainable way.
Community Fish Sustainability and Market Inclusiveness

Target group

Morodok works in the areas of Stung Hav & Kompong Seila districts of Preah Sihanouk province, and Sre Ambel, Botum Sakor, Koh Kong districts of Kok Kong province; covering 14 communes of 67 villages, approximately consisting of 12,971 households.

This current project focuses on the sustainable use of Natural Resource Management and the improvement of community livelihoods, by promoting and strengthening poorest head of households who are members of community interest group networks at the commune and district levels (at least 60% are women). The primary target groups, be they women, men or young people, are potential leaders of interest groups, crop and animal producer groups, SME groups, sea food processing groups, honey Association, CBET teams, food processing groups, youth groups, children, vulnerable groups and women business groups.

In order to strengthen capacity of business entrepreneurs and to work cooperatively to promote social enterprise development, Morodok works directly with 65 members of 14 Community Revolving Fund (CRF), help them to form community-own finance service. The 14 CRFs will serve to connect with approximately 100 Interest Groups that consist of 300 leaders (at least 60 % women), of which 800 households will get direct benefit with approximately 4,000 family members, including women and children. These groups will benefit directly and indirectly from small business entrepreneurs and producer networks.

To promote local democratization, support strengthening capacity of CBO leaders and build up community NRM networks, Morodok also works directly with 100 leaders (approximately 30% women) of 14 NRM-CBO groups, which serve for 9 Community Fishery groups (Cfi), 3 Community Forestry (Cfo) and 5 Community Protected Areas (CPA). Of these groups, there will be about 8,000 households indirectly benefiting from the sustainable use of natural resources, such as Community Based Eco-Tourism, fishery, NTFP and Timber production.

Goals overview

- Economic Empowerment (Output)
- Economic Empowerment (Impact)
- Political space (Other)
- WDKK (Output)
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