Culinary Farm in Colombia

In Colombia, disadvantaged youth from socially problematic neighborhoods will be trained as qualified cooks to promote healthy, traditional and local cuisine. By doing so, the demand for organic and local food will increase and small farmers in the area will receive more money/fair prices for their products. As the result, disadvantaged youth will have the opportunity to find jobs as qualified cooks or work as entrepreneurs. As well, local consumers will have access to affordable/healthy food.

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In the Kennedy locality of Bogota, disadvantaged youth from socially problematic neighborhoods are trained to be qualified as cooks. They learn to master the healthy traditional and local cuisine. This could lead to small farmers in the area earning more money and receiving a fair price for their products. It may have additional positive impacts on these young people and help them to improve their lives and to find a job as a qualified cook, or even to become a restaurant owner or entrepreneur.

This will revive the traditional Colombian cooking with fresh and sustainable local production.
Culinary Farm  in Colombia

Target group

-180 youngsters.
-2 producer organizations.


One of the most innovative elements in the project relates to the mechanisms that ICCO has created to ensure the financial sustainability of the intervention. To do so, MANQ'A creates profitable business models (Catering services, restaurants, food products, etc) that generate its own revenues for the project.

Goals overview

- Food Security & Sustainable Consumption (Output)
- Economic Empowerment (Output)
- Responsible Business (Output)
- Other (Other)
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