Emergency Relief for IDPs

This project supports internally displaced and local people (severely) affected by the ongoing crisis in the Central Africa Republic (CAR). It aims to improve their food security, hygiene and well-being through food security, WASH and protection. Cordaid is the lead agent in this joint humanitarian response and works together with 7 Dutch INGOs and local implementing partner Caritas.

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The CAR continues to suffer from a complex crisis which origins can be traced back to December 2012 when various armed factions regrouped to form the Seleka alliance – an alliance that subsequently overthrew the government and plunged the country into a massive humanitarian disaster. A year later in December 2013, anti-Balaka militia attacked Bangui and the northern part of the country, which left a total of 902,000 Central Africans displaced. Gross human rights violations were committed, including killing and maiming, torture, sexual-based violence and lootings. During the first month, the attack provoked the displacement of nearly 500,000 IDPs across the country– the vast majority of them in Bangui. Since the attacks the country remains extremely volatile in both urban and rural areas. The already precarious situation in CAR is likely to further deteriorate in 2015 owing to the presidential and legislative elections scheduled to take place in July and August 2015.

Emergency Relief for IDPs

Project plan

The project is a joint humanitarian response of 7 Dutch INGOs, including Cordaid, ICCO, Oxfam Novib, Save the Children, Stichting Vluchteling, Tear and World Vision. Cordaid is the lead agency. After community mobilization and beneficiary selection, the joint response includes the following: Food Security & Livelihood: Food aid through distribution of monthly partials, cash grants and the distribution of food security packages exisiting of seeds and tools for approx. 75,000 people. Supplementary feeding in schools is also part of the project. Protection: The prevention, response and protective environment for children affected by the crisis will be strengthened through psychological support, eduction, recreational activities, demobilization and integration of child soldiers and training and implementation of child protection referral systems. Approx. 129,000 people will benefit from the services. WASH (Water and Sanitation, Hygiene): Activities to support around 85,500 people in their basic need to clean water and sanitation facilities. Distribution of hygiene kits and hygiene promotion will be part of the WASH activities and reconstruction of wells and water tower as well.

Target group

This project will target the most vulnerable conflict-affected people in the Central African Republic, both displaced people and the host community. In total almost 265,000 people are targeted. Special attention is given to children, malnourished infants, female-headed households, pregnant women/ young mothers and elderly people.


As the conflict continues and situation in the CAR is becoming more and more insecure owing to the upcoming elections, the country is facing increased economic, political and social instability. It is therefore unlikely that the need for humanitarian aid will subside in the coming year. However, all participating organizations remain ready to transition to a recovery phase when and if it becomes appropriate linking their relief activities to recovery.

Goals overview

The main aim of this project is to save lives and improve living conditions of the conflict-affected host community and IDPS. Special attention is given to vulnerable people including single households, pregnant and lactating mothers and children who have fled to different urban areas but also the bush to protect themselves from the ongoing violence and crisis in the country.

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