Project for Afro-Colombian people of Riscales in Choco - REDD+

Afro-Colombian people of the Choco forests and mangroves of the Pacific shore in Colombia have been fighting to secure their land rights and benefits of the natural resources within their territories. The current UN Climate Change debate on deforestation of tropical forests has opened a new opportunity for rural communities to consolidate land rights and also to access international funds related to global climate benefits and carbon finance.

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Conservation of the tropical forests is a key component of the management of climate change and greenhouse gases emissions. Large parts of Colombia are affected by deforestation. About one half of all forests in Colombia (30 million hectares) are collective properties belonging to indigenous and afro-descendant peoples, so forest policy and its implications to climate change need to take those groups into account.

Local communities should be able to benefit themselves from their natural resources. This will strengthen their economic base through income from carbon finance mechanisms and by avoiding deforestation initiatives (REDD+ project). Options to access low carbon economies include energy efficiency alternatives.

ICCO Cooperation contributes to the implementation of the territorial agendas of indigenous organizations, to secure the inclusive development of their territories.

As part of the support to environmental policy in Colombia, the Embassy of The Netherlands supported a Conservation Incentives Project which included action for both Indigenous and Afro-Colombian people, on the later group the region of the Golf of Tiburga, on the Pacific shore was prioritized to support conservation incentives with climate benefits in accordance to the Riscales Community Ethno Development Plan 2007-2020.

The implementing partner is Fondo Patrimonio Natural of Colombia (FPNC), which is a private organization created in 2005 by the National Parks Authority in Colombia that supports themes related to biodiversity and Protected Areas, with strong emphasis on local populations, together with the Alexander von Humbolt research institute, the Association of Autonomous Regional Cooperations, other civil society organizations and the Xavierana University.
Project for Afro-Colombian people of Riscales in Choco - REDD+

Target group

The target group are 600 households of the Riscales Community in Choco, Colombia.


This project is placed in a vision towards the future of sustainable forests in the Choco region in Colombia in which ecosystems are functioning and contributing to diverse types of environmental services including climate stability from reductions in deforestation.

Goals overview

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