Resilient Livelihood for Disaster Affected Coastal Communities

The project, implemented by our local partner - CODEC, is focusing on improving disaster risk reduction measures at the community and local government level. The project targets 1000 households, mostly marginal farmers and hardcore poor. Key interventions are functioning UDMC and UZDMC, awareness building of Households on DRR.

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  • ID: NL-KVK-56484038-C_006043
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The project is a continuation of component 1 of recently phased out SMART project, mainly focusing on capacity building of community people in resilient livelihood. the project is going to be implemented at Barguna, a costal district of Bangladesh. CODEC is the implementing partner for this project.
Resilient Livelihood for Disaster Affected Coastal Communities

Target group

1000 households: 500 are marginal farmers and 500 are hardcore poor.

Goals overview

To adapt DRR measures by the community to secure resilient livelihood of 1000 HHs by the end of 2018.
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