Rights and Opportunities for Indigenous Adolescents and Youth

The current project proposal is named Rights and Opportunities for Indigenous Children, Adolescents and Youth from 2 communities and municipal Waspam and Rio Coco headquarter, of the Nicaraguan Autonomous Region of Northern Caribbean Coast. The project is focused on the implementation of different strategies and actions specifically oriented to consolidate the achievements of the previous 2 years and by that achieve the proposed objectives.

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Christian Medical Action or AMC (for its acronym in Spanish) has been ICCOs partner for a long time, implementing projects to prevent violence in the Nicaraguan Autonomous Region of Northern Caribbean Coast (RACCN for its acronym in Spanish), specifically in Waspam and indigenous communities located in the shores of Rio Coco. With previous projects, they have carried out activities involving children, adolescents, youth, women and local authorities to prevent violence (including gender-based violence) in rural and indigenous contexts in a geographical area of difficult access.

With their previous project, between 2015 and 2017, they have continued realizing actions to organize committees (with local authorities) to receive and follow-up impeachments related to sexual violence, involving children and adolescents in school actions to identify situations related to sexual abuse and violence, realizing advocacy actions to raise awareness on the importance to prevent violence and built capacities on teachers, school councils members, student governments and local authorities to learn, promote and use the violence critical route.
Rights and Opportunities for Indigenous Adolescents and Youth

Target group

The target group includes indigenous communities in Waspam and 2 communities over the Rio Coco riverside, Andris and Kiwastara.

AMC works with indigenous and religious leaders in these communities, but also with active involvement from children, adolescent and youth, who are part of promoters networks. The target group also include fathers and mothers, school teachers and some public officers.


AMC has been working in its sustainability strategy, both working on building capacities related to project formulation and communication. From the last visit to Waspam and the communities in November 2017, it is visible that AMC receives support from other faith-based international organizations to continue working with children, adolescents, youth and adults in this remote area of the country.

The project has been able to establish children and youth networks, whom alonside with relatives, are conducting replicas from the acquired knowledge. On the other hand, the project incoporates an economic empowerment strategy through entrepreneurship.

Goals overview

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