Rights and Opportunities for Poqomchi Youth in Guatemala

This project aims to promote the economic and social inclusion of Poqomchi youth , particularly young women, in the municipalities of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Tactic, in the province of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. The goal is to achieve inclusion by generating economic opportunities, strengthening political participation and improving the security conditions of youth.

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ACJ-Guatemala (Christian Youth Association) was founded in 1964. It has been working in the Alta and Baja Verapaz regions for over 13 years. Currently the organization is engaged in violence prevention programmes, finding creative uses for the young adults free time, including sports and recreational activities. Among the adolescents and young adults who have received training, many are now themselves educators, youth leaders and members of different organizations.

ACJ has been a local partner by participating in the program: More opportunities, more rights for youth in Guatemala and Nicaragua, financed by Kerk in Actie since 2016. The program aims to strengthen social leadership among indigenous youths in Guatemala and Nicaragua, from a gender, rights based and pertinent cultural approach.

The program focuses in the following main lines of action:

- Economic empowerment;
- Lobby, advocacy, political participation, and
- Violence prevention.

With their previous project implemented in 2016-2017, ACJ contributed to:

-Generate conditions that foster good living in the municipalities of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Tactic, in the province of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
-Promote social, political and legal acknowledgement of the rights of indigenous Poqomchi adolescents and young adults in Guatemala.

Likewise, they have strengthened entrepreneurial capacities, taking into account the multicultural and multilingual context in which Poqomchi youth live, while asserting the right to reproductive and sexual health.
Rights and Opportunities for Poqomchi Youth in Guatemala

Target group

- 297 female youths.
- 277 male youths.
- 6 communities.


The sustainability of the actions initiated is based on the fact that youth leaders that participate in the Poqomchi Youth Coordination will continue to strengthen their organizational capacity in order to guarantee continuity and sustainability of the actions implemented in 2018. Furthermore, tools will be provided to young men and women in order to guarantee that they continue to promote economic actions in their communities by creating alliances with local actors to generate conditions for economic development based on the values of the solidary economy.

It is expected that the youth-led economic ventures supported during 2018 to be able to maintain and strengthen themselves through the entrepreneurial ecosystems and the alliances with other networks and organizations that will be supporting the initiatives, including the municipal programs. Another important factor that contributes to sustainability includes the active search for consensus with local governments, especially with the municipal offices of children and adolescents.

Goals overview

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- WDKK (Impact)
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