Security Market Access Rights and Transparency in Bangladesh

The coastal areas of Bangladesh are home to 45,000 poor, landless, and vulnerable households. The program aims at strengthening the coping mechanisms and enhancing sustainable livelihoods.

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The coastal areas of southern Bangladesh, however rich in agriculture and fishing potentials, are threatened by climate change, massive population increase, and depletion of natural resources. They need an increase in safety and improved market access to sustain livelihood.

Disaster prone landscape
The highly disaster prone flat landscape is threatened by recurrent floods and cyclones. They have claimed the lives of hundreds of people, destroyed infrastructure and damaged personal assets. It causes many landless poor to live outside of the embankments and consequently put them under an increasing risk of natural disasters.

Informal market system
The market system is informal which promotes seasonal unemployment and subsequent migration. The terrain makes it difficult to reach the locations where people live. Add a lack of knowledge, an absence of financial and infrastructural services and you will not be surprised that there is an absence of small and medium-sized enterprises, which comes full circle with the current situation.

Strengthening households
The Security, Market Access, Rights & Transparency (SMART) program works in three layers: nature (climate, land, water), organizing people in social structures, and improving income by collectively selling at a higher price.

Government agencies, like the Department of Agriculture Extension, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institution (BARI), Department of Environment, Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Land, Local Government Engineering Department and the private sector, such as input suppliers and microcredit agencies are involved in the program.
Security Market Access Rights and Transparency in Bangladesh

Target group

The program aims at 45,000 households in 45 sub-districts of 9 districts. Out of 45,000 households, 22,500 will be selected from the ultra-poor, landless, and vulnerable and 22,500 from the marginalized farmer communities. The population of the selected areas is estimated at more than 40,095,000 households of which 1,072,000 can be considered marginal farmers and 520,000 ultra-poor households.

Marginal farmers are selected based on having land from 4.9 to 49.4 decimal and hard-core farmers selected based on having land below 4.9 decimal.

Goals overview

- Economic Empowerment (Output)
- Economic Empowerment (Other)
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